Caring for your Christmas tress

Caring for your Christmas tress

Axe and fir tree foliage close up

It's that time of year again. You have all your decorations, the turkey is ordered and you've even managed to find all those Christmas cards you brought last year and didn't send. Now for the Christmas tree. Your Christmas tree is one of the most important parts of Christmas and a lot of time, thought and effort goes in to picking the perfect tree. 

Because we understand how important your Christmas tree is we wanted to share some Christmas tree care tips that will help keep your tree full and green for as long as possible.

The best way to ensure your Christmas tree lasts the festive season is to make sure the tree is as freshly cut as possible when you buy it. Buying from a reputable florist who orders trees in small batches helps to ensure they are as fresh as they can be. But how can you check it's fresh? Give the tree a little shake to check that lots of needles don't fall off. 

When we sell you a Christmas tree we will always saw a few centimetres off the bottom of the trunk right before delivery or before you take it home. This creates a fresh cut and helps the tree take up water. Cut trees are like cut flowers and they absorb water through capillaries. When they are sitting out of water the capillaries in the old cut become blocked with sap and this prevents water getting through. As soon as the trunk has its fresh cut, put it in water and regularly top it up with fresh water. 

Another tip is to place your tree in a cool spot, away from heat and direct sunlight. This can be tricky because unless you do actually live in a barn (quoting a phrase my mother used to say whenever I left a door open) you're living room is not going to be cold or dark. Just try your best to keep your Christmas tree away from a radiator. 

Finally, keep your Christmas tree hydrated with lots of fresh water. 

If you haven't yet ordered your tree for Christmas you can get a Premium Grade Norman Fir from us. Our Christmas trees are freshly cut, handpicked and chosen for quality. Available from 5ft to 10ft+ we offer free delivery to the Glasgow area with various dates throughout December. 

Merry Christmas from everyone at Rose n Thyme x


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