Wedding Flower Trends

Wedding Flower Trends

Wedding Flower Trends

Bride holding a wedding bouquet with a succulent and herbs. On top of that is a panel with the Rose N Thyme logo and the title of the blog: Wedding Flower Trends

When it comes to trends in wedding flowers we constantly have our ear to the ground. The flower world is constantly evolving with new types, colours, design styles and arrangements being introduced all the time. 

Lets take a look at some of this years trends:

Wreaths & Hoops

Without a doubt one of the most popular 2018 wedding flower trends will be wreaths. From massive rings suspended above the altar to bridesmaids carrying wreaths in place of bouquets. What's great about this trend is how easy it is to to personalise to your unique style. Wreaths aren't just for Christmas anymore. Photo credit

Bridesmaids holding floral wreaths

Photo Credit: Luxe Events

Foliage, Foliage and More Foliage.

The every popular foliage trend is still as popular this year as it was last with large displays of fresh green and grey foliage. We would recommend adding in some fresh fragrances for spring with herbs like mint and lemon thyme. For the chillier winter months some soft eucalyptus would be lovely.  Moss is also continuing to play an important part which, when paired with birch creates a beautifully natural lookEucalyptus, apple blossom, jasmine and grape hyacinth all look wonderful with paper-whites.

Foliage-only bouquets and green tables capes are still rising in popularity, with many brides favouring a more natural look. 

Bride with wedding bouquet made of foliage and roses.

Ultra Violet Florals

The metallic trend is very hot this year with pearlescent and oyster shell working so well for a spring/summer wedding. Flowers suitable for this trend include deep purple calla lilies ‘Purple Heart’ or the darkest purple possible such as ‘Hot Chocolate’, purple lisianthus ‘Corelli’ or ‘Violet Vixen’, hydrangea with various purple tones like the plummy ‘Purple Prince’, vanda orchids ‘Blue Magic’ and more lilac tones of scabiosa ‘Clive Greaves’ and lilac freesia ‘Blue Bayou’any of these flowers work great with the silver tones of senecio or cinerea eucalyptus.

Examples of ultra violet bouquets. Two brides holding purple and silver bouquets

Hanging Installations

From the hanging foliage on planks over the top table to flower chandeliers, brides are loving this trends and you'll be seeing a lot of these hanging from venue ceilings or marquees. Another popular theme are pampas grass archways – this is more popular in America but it's a trend that has made it's way across the pond. If you scan Pinterest you’ll find some truly amazing arrangements with these grasses.

We recently supplied all the flowers and foliage for the beautiful wedding of Rory & Rachel, including the hanging foliage seen below which decorated their top table.


Hanging wedding flower installation, over the top table which has a beautiful centre piece all created by Rose N Thyme of Glasgow.

Photo Credit: Claire Fleck Photography

Brides are becoming more creative than ever and the results are wedding that have the wow factor.  These trends and ideas are just here to help you, chose a theme and style that YOU want, which complements the venue and is a reflection of you both as a couple!

If you're planning a wedding and would like to speak to one of our floral experts call us on 0141 942 9346

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